Servicios Aéreos Estrella

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Executive aviation pioneers in Mexico with over 30 years of experience



We are the best located FBO in Toluca Airport, next to the Immigration Building.



We provide a completely personalized, secure and private experience in each of our flights.



Our team will ensure your privacy in all operations.



We are committed to providing you with a service of excellence, covering all your flight needs.

Servicios Aéreos Estrella

We focus on offering a completely personalized experience, meeting your needs in executive aviation.

Aircraft Rental

A large fleet of aircraft available for rent, ideal for private or business flights.
We have specialists to advise and meet your requirements, but also personalize your experience to the maximum. The high standards of security and privacy that we offer to our customers characterizes and makes us proud.

Aircraft management

Management, operation and representation services for your aircraft.
At SAE, we are professionals on the management of legal procedures before the Aeronautical Authorities in Mexico and abroad for the correct aircraft operation.

aircraft shelter

Within our hangars, we have a large capacity to safeguard and protect your aircraft with maximum security. In addition, we have the largest platforms to serve your operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By safeguarding your aircraft with us, we provide unlimited flight dispatch and coordination service in Toluca, 24/7 personalized assistance, basic commissary at no additional cost, among other services.


Because the SAE experience doesn't end when you leave our FBO. Allow us to accompany you to the different airports of the Mexican Republic, taking care of your flights on the ground.
Our team is qualified to handle all your operations, taking care of your requests, even last minute changes efficiently, making your flight easier, safer and completely personalized.

dispatch and Flight Management

Our team of professionals in the management and procedures of ground support will provide assistance and coordination in each of your operations, 24 hours, 365 days a year.
Thanks to our prime location, next to the authorities and migration building, we provide our services 24 hours a day, throughout the year for national and international flights.

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